Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Homeschool Designs

Wow! I am just so thankful for the choice to homeschool all 7 of our children. I love that we get to be together throughout the day. I love that when something really piques their interest, we have free reign to learn all the gory details, LOL! I love that when a learning opportunity presents itself, we can grab it and run. It is AWESOME!!!! Just today my kids have decided to make great use of the raging winds outside, and are making kites. Not only are they designing what they think will make the most suitable and flightworthy objects, but they are learning valuable lessons about wind currents, velocity and so much more. I think the Wright Brothers would be proud.

So, enjoy these designs. And remember that the time to enter the drawing is running out. You have till March 31st. See the previous blog for details on how to get up to 4 entries in a drawing to win one of the brand new homeschool designs I have created. Leave a comment on my blog. Add yourself as a follower to my blog. Link to my blog on your own blog. And lastly, blog about how visual inspiration is important in your homeschool.

And now, off to fly a kite!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Homeschool is cool! So cool it deserves a promotion!!!

Yes, we are a homeschooling family. I'm not going to lie - while it is wonderful, it also has it's share of difficulties. But then, so does just about anything worthwhile. For all the stresses, homeschooling is immensely rewarding and wonderful. So, this months blog post is celebrating homeschoolers everywhere. I hope these designs make you feel honored for the hard work that you do. I hope they uplift and encourage on those dark dreary days. Let's face it - spring break and summer vacation can also mean work and more work. But being entrusted with educating our children is a privilege that we bear with honor and gratitude ...well ...on MOST days, anyway. LOL!

Check back in a few days or so. I plan to add to this collection. And here is this month's promotion - homeschoolers and fans of homeschooling, post here to let me know what you think of my new designs, and I will enter you in this months drawing for one of these fabulous designs, worth $25, in your choice of available colors! You can keep it or give it to a friend who homeschools. Also, add yourself as a follower to my blog, and you will get a 2nd entry. For a 3rd entry, link to my blog in your blog. Finally, blog about the importance of visual inspiration in your homeschool, and you will get a 4th entry into the drawing. That's a total of 4 entries in this fabulous drawing. To be eligible for all 4 entries, please make sure to post back here with a link to your blog. Entries received by March 31st are eligible. I will randomly draw a name on April 2nd, so stay tuned for the winning announcement. (Any winner outside of the continental US or Canada will need to pay actual USPS shipping charges, via Paypal.)

Enjoy and get blogging! And remember to click at the left and visit my Etsy shop, PopVinylStudio. If you see something you like, let me know. And if you'd like something custom made, I'm your girl!