Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So thankful that I get to do something so wonderful every day. It makes me so happy just to assemble the little special details. These are the instruction sheets/business cards that are currently going into Pop Vinyl Studio orders. Cuuuuute! I love putting these together!

How very glad I am for this time of year. For the opportunity to examine the people, things, and experiences that surround me and express my appreciation and gratitude. Sometimes this can be a difficult thing. It's not all bubbles and sunshine, you know. But what is? I suppose the only things that are bubbles and sunshine are, well....bubbles and sunshine! And you know what occurs to me, even bubbles and sunshine are not always perfect and happy. Bubbles can pop in your face and sting your eyes, and sunshine can blister you if you're not careful.

Some of my designs simply celebrate the sunshine. And some make light of the hard work of life.
(Click any of these photos to see the full size image.)

Everything has the potential for good, even if it also has the potential to sting or burn. I believe it to be true that ALL things work together for good. For my good. For your good. If we will submit ourselves to learning. To appreciating the bad along with the good.

My lesson is to learn to give thanks, truly be in a constant state of thankfulness for everything in my life. This includes the trials and the difficulties. The imperfections. The thorns.

Yes, my life is blessed with beauty. With love. With LIFE. It's abundant. But it's life. Along with the good there is sometimes an equal amount of not-so-good. And I will rejoice in it all. I will give thanks in everything. I will be grateful.

And that is where my heart is with the creation of one of my favorite designs, the Give Thanks wall decal (you can see it in my Etsy mini below). It gets a lot of visibility during this time of year, and is such a great reminder to me to continually be thankful. And I've added a few other new creations to my shop and a couple of redesigns. We should always be striving to improve. I do the same with my art. And wow! I get to do something I love and get paid for it. How cool is that? Amazed, yes! Thankful, even moreso!

Oh, and let me mention one more thing. My friend Brittany is having a week's worth of giveaways on her blog, to celebrate Thanksgiving. The great giving starts TODAY. So head on over there:

(Heads up - you will see something from me there on Friday!)

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

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