Sunday, December 7, 2008

Decals and candles and blogs...oh my!

So it's come to this. I enjoy designing wall decals so much that I need some sort of conversational outlet for myself. I think my friends and family will all be grateful if I give their ears a rest, and unload my gushing on the world wide web.

This blog is my attempt to do just that.

Because, you know, not everyone wants to sit in front of my computer when they come over, and see all my new and great creations. (Well, to be honest, they *should* want to.....but, I digress.) In any case, I worried that I was bordering on overkill when I sent a friend a link to my Etsy and grilled her about how all my listings and pictures looked. Did I mention I did the same thing when she came by my house, and I thrust my catalog at her?

So, just so you know what is expected of you, I am looking for validation and praise. Plain and simple. And you can also comment on my fabulous sense of humor and my unconfirmed, yet unquestionable good looks and fashion sense, if you'd like.

Well, really, if you will just occasionally pop on here and read about my newest designs and the inspirations behind them, or commiserate with me when I feel stumped to come up with something totally new and unique, or celebrate with me when I discover I am on someone's Kaboodle list (Oh YES! I found I was listed on someone's Kaboodle, today!) , then this will bring happiness to the earth, and restore order to the cosmos.

What? The cosmos are already in order? Well hot dang! Let's light a candle and celebrate with Starbucks!!!!!


Lyne Family said...

I am here to give you plain and simple validation and praise. :) Your designs are beautiful and you are as well!

(kimmypie from SG)

Patricia said...

Oh Kim, I can always count on you for a smile and to make my heart swell! Thanks girl!